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Close img bracket …

Close img bracket to convers from html to xml in Eclipse editor (Regular expression)

     Find :          <img(([\d]|[\s]|[\w]|\=|\"|\.)*)>
     Replace with :  <img$1/>

Modifies img source to quick change data source in Eclipse editor (Regular expression)

     Find :          <img(.*)src="([\w]*[\\.][\w]*)
     Replace with :  <img$1src="/img/newsletter/$2

Install perl modules via CPAN (command line)

* Check if module is installed. Errors mean missing module.

      $> perl -MModule::Name -e 1

* See documentation of the module if installed.

      $> perldoc Module::Name

* Open CPAN shell:

      $> perl -MCPAN -e shell

* To reconfigure the shell if needed.

      cpan> o conf init

* Install an available module.

      cpan> install Module::Name

* Force install if test fails.

      cpan> force install Module::Name

* To manual install perl modules.

      $> perl Makefile.PL
      $> make
      $> make test
      $> make install

If there are some missing libraries (ex. )

      export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/mysql/lib/