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High Scalability – High Scalability

High Scalability – High Scalability.

Playfish’s Social Gaming Architecture – 50 Million Monthly Users and¬†Growing

Ten million players a day and over fifty million players a month interact socially with friends using Playfish games on social platforms like The Facebook, MySpace, and the iPhone. Playfish was an early innovator in the fastest growing segment of the game industry: social gaming, which is the love child between casual gaming and social networking. Playfish was also an early adopter of the Amazon cloud, running their system entirely on 100s of cloud servers. Playfish finds itself at the nexus of some hot trends (which may by why EA bought them for $300 million and they think a $1 billion game is possible): building games on social networks, build applications in the cloud, mobile gaming, leveraging data driven design to continuously evolve and improve systems, agile development and deployment, and selling virtual good as a business model.

How can a small company of about 100 people makes this all happen? To explain the magic I interviewed Playfish’s Jodi Moran, Senior Director of Engineering, and Martin Frost, Chief Architext, first Engineer and Operations guy at Playfish. Lots of good stuff, so let’s move on to the nitty gritty.