The Coolest Server Names – Server Fault

The Coolest Server Names – Server Fault.

The funniest server name story I have is from when I worked at the Kennedy Space Center. On our particular project, our main server was named snowwhite, and the 7 client workstations were named after the Seven Dwarves. The kicker is, one day one of our engineers ran into a Disney Imagineer who worked at Walt Disney World, and they started talking about server names. The Disney Imagineer said “that’s funny, we have a group of servers named columbia, challenger, atlantis, and discovery.”



  • There’s a TONNE of them.
  • You’ll never run out of names.
  • They’re easy to Type:
  • Volcanoes are used for volatile servers
  • Long mountain names like KILIMANJARO are servers that you don’t want people to log onto
  • Different Mountain RAnges can serve as Clusters or a SAN. (The Rockies, Andes, Alps)
  • It’s always the user’s fault when they crash into a mountain
    • Mountains don’t crash
  • However, sometimes they explode (VESUVIUS)
  • You can rank them by Height and represent many of them pictorially in Network diagrams. (The Matterhorn, Mt. Fuji)
  • Mountains are great Security fortresses (Why do you think China wants to keep Tibet… it’s a plateau beside India!)
  • They are visible from outer space.
  • They can be classified in many different ways.
  • They can be Local (Intranet Servers) or in other countries/continents (WANs)
  • They are common to ALL people in all countries.
  • They can be named after people’s local hometown mountains. (When I was a kid I climbed to the peak of x mountain)