Bucardo – asynchronous PostgreSQL replication system

Bucardo Overview

Bucardo is an asynchronous PostgreSQL replication system, allowing for both multi-master and multi-slave operations. It was developed at Backcountry.com by Jon Jensen and Greg Sabino Mullane of End Point Corporation, and is now in use at many other organizations. Bucardo is free and open source software released under the BSD license.

Bucardo is at its heart a Perl daemon that listens for NOTIFY requests and acts on them, by connecting to remote databases and copying data back and forth. All the specific information that the daemon needs is stored in the main bucardo database, including a list of all the databases involved in the replication and how to reach them, all the tables that are to be replicated, and how each is to be replicated.

The first step in running Bucardo is to add two or more databases to the main bucardo database. Once this is done, information on which tables are to be replicated are added, as well as any groupings of tables. Then the syncs are added. Syncs are named replication actions, copying a specific set of tables from one server to another server or group of servers.

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