Apache Tomcat 6.0 – Clustering/Session Replication HOW-TO

Apache Tomcat 6.0Clustering/Session Replication HOW-TO

      The Apache Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container

In this release of session replication, Tomcat can perform an all-to-all replication of session state using the DeltaManager or perform backup replication to only one node using the BackupManager. The all-to-all replication is an algorithm that is only efficient when the clusters are small. For larger clusters, to use a primary-secondary session replication where the session will only be stored at one backup server simply setup the BackupManager.
Currently you can use the domain worker attribute (mod_jk > 1.2.8) to build cluster partitions with the potential of having a more scaleable cluster solution with the DeltaManager(you’ll need to configure the domain interceptor for this). In order to keep the network traffic down in an all-to-all environment, you can split your cluster into smaller groups. This can be easily achieved by using different multicast addresses for the different groups. A very simple setup would look like this:

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