Solar Coco Concept EV Unfurls Solar Panels When Parked

Solar Coco Concept EV Unfurls Solar Panels When Parked – Ecofriend.

I really love the concept to roll on the streets inside this sofa-tube. Everything of this concept is just amazing, I think google should sponsor this idea in the same way as it did with

Come on Mercedes / Volkswagen / GM / Toyota, what you are waiting for, this really looks like a way to sell people things that can help to clean-up our streets and our air.

Car-sharing combined with a solar energy motors and a beautiful parking / charging solution.

solar coco_1

Eco Factor: Zero-emission vehicle powered by renewable solar energy.

Designers Jin Yuanbiao, Gang Tang and Su Sha have conceptualized a futuristic vehicle that gets powered by solar energy. The all-electric vehicle, dubbed Solar Coco, features a compact, round-shaped surface with an array of solar panels that not only recharge the vehicle on the move but also top up the batteries when parked.

solar coco_2

The unique concept car has an equally unique parking mechanism. The vehicles are parked on a special structure, which can accommodate more cars in less space. When parked the Solar Coco unfurls its solar panels, appearing similar to a bunch of sunflowers.

solar coco_3