Webstorm / PHPStorm get basic Ruby syntax highlighting

It is possible to get the basic syntax highlighting for Ruby files in PhpStorm using the TextMate bundles support plug-in. It’s already included with Webstorm and you don’t need to install it, just make sure it’s enabled in Settings | Plugins.

  1. Git clone Ruby.tmbundle into some directory.
  2. Add this directory in Settings | TextMate Bundles:

Ruby bundle

For older versions of Webstorm TextMate Bundles support will not recognize *.rb files as supported by this bundle. To fix this problem open the file ‘Ruby.tmbundle\Syntaxes\Ruby.plist’ in some text editor, find ‘<key>fileTypes</key>’ section, add ‘<string>rb</string>’ under ‘<array>’

Restart Webstorm, verify that *.rb is now associated correctly:


Now you get Ruby syntax highlighting in Webstorm:

Ruby syntax

via php – Is it possible to get Ruby syntax highlighting in PHPStorm? – Stack Overflow.