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REAL-TIME FILTRATION, PURIFICATION & RECYCLING  SYSTEM FOR SHOWER WATEROPEN SOURCE – OPEN HARDWARE – ECOLOGICAL – ECONOMICALShowers are great, but pouring hot and almost drinkable water down the drain is not. Besides the obvious costs to the environment and your bills, there is also a conscious on unconscious psychological cost any time you create waste. To solve this problem we created Showerloop. It’s a shower that collects, cleans and reuses the water in real time while you are showering. So now you can shower for as long as you like without wasting precious resources.SHOWERLOOP VS NORMAL SHOWERNormal ShowerShowerloop90% reduction in water usage and 70-90% in energy reduction for a 10 minute shower with a flow rate of 10 l/min. Savings are dependant on user behaviour and can vary. Use Just one bucket of water for a shower of any length.  See the savings section for more information.

Source: Showerloop