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Solar Coco Concept EV Unfurls Solar Panels When Parked

Solar Coco Concept EV Unfurls Solar Panels When Parked – Ecofriend.

I really love the concept to roll on the streets inside this sofa-tube. Everything of this concept is just amazing, I think google should sponsor this idea in the same way as it did with

Come on Mercedes / Volkswagen / GM / Toyota, what you are waiting for, this really looks like a way to sell people things that can help to clean-up our streets and our air.

Car-sharing combined with a solar energy motors and a beautiful parking / charging solution.

solar coco_1

Eco Factor: Zero-emission vehicle powered by renewable solar energy.

Designers Jin Yuanbiao, Gang Tang and Su Sha have conceptualized a futuristic vehicle that gets powered by solar energy. The all-electric vehicle, dubbed Solar Coco, features a compact, round-shaped surface with an array of solar panels that not only recharge the vehicle on the move but also top up the batteries when parked.

solar coco_2

The unique concept car has an equally unique parking mechanism. The vehicles are parked on a special structure, which can accommodate more cars in less space. When parked the Solar Coco unfurls its solar panels, appearing similar to a bunch of sunflowers.

solar coco_3

Mein erster Mac

apple lcII

Alles wird gut, mit ResEdit die Sounds von Spielen geklaut, Prince of Persia gespielt, Photoshop lernen, kann die Welt schöner sein?
Und dann: eine Programmierumgebung suchen, juhu Fenster basteln, scheisse alles in Pascal alles in Englisch, naja ich habs dann noch mal ZEHN Jahre später versuch, bevor ich Ihn weggeschmissen hab (sorry Wohnraum ist teuer) und mein erstes Fenster mit einem Metrowerks C compiler auf den Mac Bildschirm gezaubert, REST IN PEACE 😉

Und dann ins Reich von Micro$oft

intel 386

Hat Spass gemacht Ihn zusammenzubauen, all die Jumper, aber wegen des missionarischen Appel Phantoms in unserer Familie hat diese Freunschaft nicht lange gehalten.