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Blekko – search engine with some nice features


The newest search engine in town, one of Blekko’s selling points is the richness of the data it offers. If you type in a domain name followed by /seo you’ll receive a page of statistics on that URL


They are also very keen on developers accessing their data, so they offer an easy-to-use API through the /json slash tag, which returns a JSON object instead of HTML.<APIKEY>&ft=&p=1

To obtain an API key, email Their terms of service are available at, and while they’re somewhat restrictive, they are flexible in practice:

You should note that it prohibits practically all interesting uses of the blekko API. We are not currently issuing formal written authorization to do things prohibited in the agreement, but, if you are well behaved (e.g. not flooding us with queries), and we know your email address (from when you applied for an API auth key, see above), we will have the ability to attempt to contact you and discuss your usage patterns if needed.

Currently, the /seo results aren’t available through the JSON interface, so you have to scrape the HTML to obtain it. There’s a demonstration of that at